A War Between Planes

The Beginning

3 armed adventurers, A Male Dwarf Cleric, A male Inquisitor, and a Female approach the town of Bloomsdale, following only the orders they received from The Highborn Knights to settle a dispute between the townspeople of Bloomsdale and their king. As the adventurers enter the town they overhear the loud arguments of the town people, eventually heading towards a crowd surounding what appears to be the town guards.
“These taxes are outrageous! how are we supposed to reinvest into our business to make the greedy king more money!?” The crowd cheers in agreement
“These orders were passed down from King Durias himself, and said that if anyone disagrees with the new taxes they can be held within the dungeons till the choose otherwise.” The Town Guard spoke sternly to the crowd.
“And What if we resist..?” A man steps forward with only a knife in his hand. the guard draws his sword and cuts the man down. while he cleans his blade he announces “Then your fate will be that of this man, if you wish to live then pay your tax and keep your mouth shut” as the crowd dissapates, an old man approaches the adventurers who now stand stunned.



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